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CountyCare (State of IL 1115 Waiver)

Health & Medicine Policy Research Group (HMPRG)
November 7, 2012

“TheState of Illinois and Cook County Health & Hospitals System will beoperating a new Medicaid program for uninsured adults in Cook Countycalled CountyCare.   This is a Medicaid program throughthe Affordable Care Act (Healthcare Reform).  CountyCare will providecoverage for tens of thousands of currently uninsured patients, as CCHHStransforms into a patient-centered continuum of care. Thistransformation is changing the way that patients enter CCHHS, as theywill be assigned intelligently (based on risk, complexity and need) topatient-centered medical homes instead of relying on the emergencydepartment for basic services while waiting for new appointmentavailability. It is changing the way that care is delivered at theclinic site, as medical home teams built around primary care providerswill coordinate all services needed by their own panel of patients,supported by care management and information technology. It is changingthe way that services are delivered within the broader system, asemergency, specialty outpatient, diagnostic and inpatient services arereconfigured to assure that the care of patients is coordinated by theirmedical home and that they are returned there. It is changing the wayin which CCHHS works with other providers caring for similarpopulations, as new partnerships are being developed to assure adequateprimary care capacity, geographic accessibility to specialty andinpatient services and connections to services that CCHHS does notprovide itself.

The attached FAQswill be continually updated.  CCHHS is currently in the pre-enrollmentphase of 1115 waiver implementation.  There will be a controlled rollout of the application process.  As of today, the questions answered inthis document are based on the approved CMS Terms & Conditions,which HFS has 30 days to accept.   Therefore, please understand the FAQsare subject to change. Once the final Terms & Conditions arereceived, we look forward to working with the public on this waiver.”

 Download the FAQs