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Disturbing Immigration info from NHeLP

Health & Medicine Policy Research Group (HMPRG)
September 14, 2009


From the National Health Law Program  [Last week, AP reported] on the Senate Finance Committee’s ongoing efforts to appease the mostconservative elements of the electorate.  Not content with sacrificingundocumented immigrants on the altar of health reform, it appears they are nowwilling to toss legal immigrants and women’s reproductive health care onto thepyre as well. The NationalImmigration Law Center issued an action alert suggesting steps that peoplecould take to try to stop the spread of this xenophobic virus.  For those whodecide to do something, you might also want to point out that the absence ofcomprehensive reproductive health care threatens a woman’s health as well as herright to health.  It appears that if the least charitable among us are willingto shout long enough and loud enough, they may succeed in limiting “healthreform” to services for white males.  The more things change . . . Read the AP article.