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From NHeLP: Loopholes in Prescription Drug Coverage

Health & Medicine Policy Research Group (HMPRG)
November 19, 2009

From Steve Hitov at National Health Law Program (NHeLP)

Turns out the “deal” struck by the administration and the Senate with the drug industry to buy its support for health reform contains a tiny loophole.  While the industry promised modest discounts on certain drugs, primarily for people caught in the Medicare Part D donut hole (which, lest we forget, was necessitated only by the MMA’s wholesale capitulation to the drug industry), the administration and the Senate neglected to specify the base line price from which those discounts would be taken.  So, coincidentally if one is to believe the drug industry, or in preparation for its promised discounts if one is not inclined to accept the industry’s explanation as gospel, drug prices have risen in the last year at  a pace not seen since 1992.  Let’s see, what major health initiative was afoot in 1992?   Why, health reform, coincidentally.   The more things change .  .  .  

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