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From our Friends at NHeLP (and a Reminder that Rumors of the Death of the Public Option May Be Exaggerated...

Health & Medicine Policy Research Group (HMPRG)
October 5, 2009


From our friends at NHelp, a reminder that rumors of the death of the public option may be somewhat exaggerated. 

 "...from the Hill (that's a publication, not just a location) come these three articles on the behind the scenes movement on the public option in health reform.  What any of this will mean at the end of the day is unclear, but at a minimum it means that the obituaries for the public option  on the national news last week  were premature .  So, it Is not too late to be heard on this subject if you are so inclined."

Reid, Baucus ready to split on public option for healthcare as vote nears J. Taylor Rushing

Dems Face Choices on Public Option Plans  Jeffrey Young

Senator Schumer  Says Centrists "Very Open" to Public Option Michael O'Brien

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