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HMPRG Study Shows Negative Fiscal Impact of Home Care Cuts

Health & Medicine Policy Research Group (HMPRG)
May 21, 2012

The following was sent to members of the Illinois HomeCare & Hospice Council (IHHC), re: the study we were commissioned to do by the IHHC which showed the deleterious effects of cutting home care.

The Illinois Legislature will soon be deciding on how to slash the Medicaid program to satisfy the Governor's request of a $2.7 billion cut. The initial proposal from Governor Quinn was a 10% reduction in home care and hospice services through utilization controls. The Illinois HomeCare & Hospice Council has responded by commissioning a study by the Center for Long-Term Care Reform at Health & Medicine Policy Research Group (HMPRG) on the negative fiscal impact of home care cuts. We invite you to read the study.

As leaders in the home care industry, we have always claimed that the more money government leaders invest in home care, the less they will need to spend on health care.

The HMPRG report found several pieces of research to back our claims:

*       One national study found that home health services for patients with chronic illnesses who had been hospitalized lowered the costs and readmissions significantly.
*       Another national study showed that investments in hospice decreased Medicaid costs by lowering use of acute hospital care and medications.
*       An Oregon study found a ripple effect of state Medicaid cuts which triggered an equal loss of federal funds and resulted in a decline of jobs and economic activity.

In an effort to reach members of the Illinois General Assembly with this new study, we are taking a multi-pronged approach.

First, we have sent out a press release to the major news outlets in Illinois. The study is garnering attention as evidenced by this article in the State Journal Register  published at the end of last week (May 16, 2012) which is also being picked up to others in the chain. 

The IHHC asked members to help push the news to their communities. We at HMPRG urge you to do the same.

*       We are asking you to submit a "Letter to the Editor" to your local newspaper that details the main points of the study.
*       We are also asking you to send a message to your legislator with many of the ideas from the press release as well as a link to the study.  Feel free to edit this message with your own personal stories.
*       Finally, please help distribute this study by using your own social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and other relevant organizations you may be involved with.

This is an important time for home care providers to make their case as the cost effective alternative in Illinois. Legislators are being forced to understand the different services under the Medicaid program like no other time. With their eyes temporarily wide open, we have the voices, and now the tool, to educate them on how we are the solution the Medicaid cost problem in Illinois.