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Letter in The Southtown Star from Concerned Doctors; Re: The Cook County Health & Hospitals System

Health & Medicine Policy Research Group (HMPRG)
December 22, 2009

A letter in the December 13, 2009 Southtown Star from concerned members of the medical staff of the Cook CountyHealth and Hospitals System and members of Doctors Council, SEIU.

...Weare writing with regard to your recent editorial regarding Cook County.This editorial has taken President Todd Stroger to task regarding thetax increase without addressing the most crucial issue at hand,guaranteeing the survival of the Heath and Hospitals System, as well asthe needed expansion to meet heavy new demand.

Much is made about problems and waste in Cook County government, butas staff on the front lines of health care delivery, we see very littleof it. The staff we work with - from technicians, to clerks, to nursesand doctors - are largely hard-working and dedicated, and struggling tokeep up with the growing patient load. The business of saving livesgoes on daily. Come and watch us work! Read the full letter,121309letters.article