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Margie Schaps Crain's Letter: Think Through Medicaid Cuts

Health & Medicine Policy Research Group (HMPRG)
March 6, 2012

Posted march 6, 2012 Crain's

Think through Medicaid cuts

I am writing to clarify my position on the Medicaid cuts proposed by Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, which I am afraid may be misunderstood ("Medicaid cuts would squeeze struggling hospitals even more,", Feb. 23).

Health and Medicine Policy Research Group has been an unwavering supporter of the health care safety net in Illinois for 30 years. The proposed cuts may cut so close to the bone that some hospitals will be forced to close. It makes no sense for that to occur until we all look harder at system reforms, do better health system planning, identify new ways to generate tax dollars and find ways for the not-for-profit health care sector to collaborate with and support safety-net institutions (through charity care for example) so that they survive and thrive.

MARGIE SCHAPSExecutive director Health and Medicine Policy Research Group Chicago