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The House Health Reform Bill: From Bad to Worse...

Health & Medicine Policy Research Group (HMPRG)
November 9, 2009

Quentin Young had this to say about the House bill:    This weekend, the US House passed (by a vote of 220-215) a very compromisedhealth reform bill. The public option is battered and is expected to be furtherdiminished by the US Senate. It has been mandated that the uninsured secure insuranceor face serious fines. No real cost control elements have found their wayinto  a bill which, in brief,significantly expands the power of the Insurance Industry and Big Pharma. Itcannot - and will not - achieve universalcoverage, improved quality or controlled costs.

A promise from Speaker Pelosi to submit single payer reformto a House vote was, at the last minute, abandoned. Single Payer leaders in theHouse (Conyers, Kucinich, & Weiner) were co-opted. A main argument againstthe Weiner Amendment was the assertion, from Speaker Pelosi, that, were she toallow a vote on the Weiner Amendment, she would also have to allow otheramendments including those supporting anti-choice financing. In fact, a verylarge anti-choice amendment was accepted,which makes this bill even worse than itwas…