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Wesley Epplin
Director, Health Equity

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Public Health and Health Equity Initiative

Health & Medicine’s Public Health and Health Equity Initiative advances health justice through progressive public health policy reform, best practices research, leading convening of public health partners, and collaborative practice.

  • Overview


Since advancing social justice and health equity is at the heart of all of Health & Medicine’s work, the Health Equity initiative seeks to sharpen that focus internally and ensure that policy agendas and resources are directed toward achievement of health equity.

Health equity is a value-based public health goal focused on eliminating health inequities, the unfair and modifiable differences in health status and outcomes observed across different population groups.  This goal requires advancing fundamental fairness in the health, wellbeing, and lives of all people. Measurable reductions in specific health, social, political, and economic inequities are the objectives that can move societies toward this goal.

Health & Medicine is a long-time leading voice on matters pertaining to public health and health equity in Chicago, Cook County, and the State of Illinois.

Health Equity Project Activities:
  • Innovative public health research, planning, and advocacy
  • Technical assistance for shaping public health planning initiatives, policy research, and legislation
  • Convening experts and advocates across sectors for learning opportunities and creating policy solutions
  • Forum development to both facilitate learning and shape discourse regarding health equity
  • Co-learning, teaching, and dissemination of knowledge, research, and information
  • Formulation of policy and systems change recommendations for public and private systems, policies, and plans
  • Collaborating with a broad range of organizations both within and outside of public health