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Lara Altman
MPH, MSW, Director, Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative laltman@hmprg.org

Madison Hammett
Policy Analyst, Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative mhammett@hmprg.org

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Policy Briefs & Reports

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Report: The Parent-Child Dyad in the Context of Child Development and Child Health
This brief explores current research on the importance of the parent-child dyad in child development and child health, identifies key experts, and points to program priorities to support the health of the whole child.

Policy Briefs: Health, Justice, and Education

The Collaborative is pleased to share three policy briefs on the impact of ACEs in the health, justice, and education systems including promising practices and recommended actions for change. These briefs were developed by members of the Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative—system leaders in Illinois who are working from an ACEs-informed lens to improve systems to prevent and mitigate trauma across generations.
Rooted in social justice, these briefs are a call to action to move upstream, build resiliency, and recognize how addressing inequity and trauma can improve systems while also building resiliency. Follow the links below to access the documents:

Summary Briefs:

Full Briefs: