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Illinois Aging Together Launches Campaign for Aging Plan to Support Older Persons

Illinois Aging Together is publicly launching its statewide movement for aging equity. The group is campaigning for a strategic action plan for aging, which it hopes to accomplish through state legislation. As Illinois’s population becomes older, there is a significant and growing need––and opportunity––to create a long-term vision for aging in Illinois. Illinois’s population has […]

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Trusted Messengers: Year 2 Learnings of Community Health Worker Pilot in Suburban Cook County

As the Community Health Worker pilot program continues into its third year, Health & Medicine Policy Research Group and Sinai Urban Health Institute recently released the pilot’s Year 2 Outcomes report. The report summarizes the learnings and outcomes of the pilot during a significant and challenging 2020.

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From working to support the next generation of healthcare professionals to protecting the safety net and addressing the impact of childhood trauma, across our programs we improve public health and challenge inequities.

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Health & Medicine is the region’s honest broker on health policy matters trusted by policymakers, advocates, and community members alike. We conduct research, educate, and collaborate with other groups to advocate policies and impact health systems.

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Learn about the Chicago Area Schweitzer Fellows Program's 25 Years of Social Justice in Action

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