Health & Medicine Remembers Long-Time Board Member Art Kohrman, MD

It is with great sadness that we share that long-time Board Member Art Kohrman, MD died Thursday afternoon, at home and peacefully, surrounded by his family.

Art was an active, engaged board member of Health & Medicine since 1986.  In addition to being active on all of our efforts to study and reform the Illinois Medicaid program and serving on the Executive Committee for a decade, he shepherded the Chicago Schweitzer Program from its founding until last year.  He was the Chair of the Schweitzer Advisory Committee for the past two decades, and he brought his intellect and his heart to the program. He never lost sight of what it meant to have your life be your argument, as Albert Schweitzer himself said.  He and his wife Claire were deeply engaged with each class of Fellows, ensuring that they understood the philosophy behind Schweitzer and helping them build a foundation for a lifetime of service.  They repeatedly hosted the Fellows at their home for brunch and conversation, where he would listen and share his wisdom about overcoming the inevitable boulders they would all face in their lives. He was an ethical and spiritual role model for so many of us at Health & Medicine and for the Fellows.

Art was Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics and Preventive Medicine at Northwestern University, and was an enormously respected physician-scholar. Over his distinguished career, he was the recipient of many honors including a United States Congressional Fellowship, the Bartholeme Award for Ethical Excellence, and the 2016 Albert Schweitzer Foundation Lawrence Gussman ward for Extraordinary Service.

His passing is a profound loss to Health & Medicine.